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Freedom of Speech

The good news: now you can read our latest issues on your I-Pad and browse through the pages of almost all Colors issues from 1991 to now. “Almost” is where the bad news starts.

The Elephant on the Ground

Cease Fear, War

Last week, Internet procrastinators everywhere giggled at photos of another soldier passing out during an official ceremony. But it's his comrades' reaction that deserves the most attention.

Steve’s bike


The day Steve Jobs died most of the world started mourning him as if he had been the benevolent uncle whose jokes are going to be missed at family dinners. It’s odd, considering that, as the chief of one of the world’s biggest corporations, he has shaped our desires, deciding what we were going to want and when we were going to want it, for almost thirty years, and for his own economical benefit. As…

Coming out the other side


It’s been three tough months. While everyone else in Italy sunbathed and drank mojitos on the beach, we were locked away in the office, burying our days under the smelliest, grossest and most dangerous topic we could possibly have chosen: Shit.

COLORS 82 is about the 2.6 billion people in the world who need toilets. It explains why they can't find one, and why it’s so important that they do. It…

How will we move, Sian?


As the 2008 Green Party candidate for Mayor of London, Sian Berry had to get her head around the problem of transportation in the British capital. Good for us, because her 50 Ways to Greener Travel became one of our bibles while we were compiling the Transport issue. Reading it was so useful that we decided to ask her a few more questions by email. Here are her answers.

Just to warm up, tell us at…

How will we move, Jacque?


You can call him a formidable genius, a romantic utopian, a mad scientist. One sure thing is that the man has ideas. For COLORS 81 – Transport, we asked Jacque Fresco, founder of the futurist research center The Venus Project, what transportation might look like in the future. Read on for a transcript of our interview.

Can you describe what personal mobility will look like in your vision of the…