How We Used to Play III


In 1900, a Belgian sharpshooter named Leon de Lunden killed 21 pigeons to win the gold medal in live pigeon shooting.

How We Used to Play II


Tug of War was a real Olympic sport from 1900 to 1920, with the podium dominated by British club teams. The sport endures to this day. The 2012 World Championship of Tug of War will be held in September, in Switzerland.

How We Used to Play


In the 1900 Paris Olympics, one gold medal was awarded to a competitor named "Extra Dry" : the winning horse in equine long jump.

Charm School

Slavery, Prison, Ecology

Bears are among the “charismatic megafauna” that people just like a lot, ranking high in anthropomorphic appeal along with baby seals, lions, wolves.

Road to Nowhere

Transport, Beijing, The Road

In China, you can drive right off a cliff without changing lanes.

When Prophecy Fails II

Transport, Apocalypse, Madness

In 1954, despite many Ouija-board-type confirmations between the Clarion aliens and Sister Thedra, a spaceship never came to rescue the members of the Clarion Cult.