Pulpy Milk, Chlorinated Cola


From chlorine contamination to poisonous "Pulpy Milk", the Coca Cola Corporation has had a rocky relationship with China.

Beware the Raisin


@kiziZZZZ: "Now each time when I eat outside or have snacks, I cannot help imagining that I am eating chemicals, and gutter oil, and various filthy pictures fill my mind. And yet with a sigh, I continue to eat".

North Korean Megafauna


This month in history: Giant rabbit breeder Karl Szmolinsky accuses DPRK leader Kim Jong-il of eating his best rabbit.

Medicine to Make You Sicker


吃饭才胖: Living in the Heavenly Kingdom makes you want to scream “Motherf**ker.” //

Soft Serve: the Doomsday Ice Cream


I scream, you scream, we all scream...

Bear Farming


Bear farmers "milk" captive black bears with a hollow stick in China, Vietnam, South Korea and Laos.