Ai Weiwei's short-lived surveillance cameras gave Internet art geeks everywhere a brief but glorious opportunity to make fun of Damien Hirst, who also has a live studio feed.

Trouble Fitting In


No one knows what to do with the corpse of Mohamed Merah, the gunman who murdered four adults and three children in France last week. Illustrated by Fan Qiao Wang.

Pirate Data Drones


The Pirate Bay plans to build a nomadic network of flying data drones, but the really exciting news is that they already exist. An illustration from Fan Qiao Wang and a video of the drones' "balletic aerial choreography".

Where is Joseph Kony?

Teenagers, Cease Fear

Colors artist Fan Qiao Wang sketches this week's celebrity warlord.

Now On Sale

Collector, Teenagers, Happiness

How much would you pay for the new iPad 3? Colors artist Fanqiao Wang illustrates the cost of the cutting-edge.