The Arc of History


We enter a room, throw a light switch, and would only be astonished if the lights failed to come on. Yet, my grandparents were born into a world where electric lighting was a novelty, and hot showers a luxury.

Authority, Governance and Religion


With bee-sized surveillance drones, and computers harvesting every byte and micro-shred of personal information, it’s easy to understand the escalation of paranoia.

The End of Globalism


The curtain is rising on a new act, which will begin with the great nations going to battle over resources. Virtually everything from quality mineral ores to clean water, is getting scarcer.

The Social Re-Set


History will laugh at us. We will discover that the utopian egalitarianism of recent years was largely a function of cheap energy.

Getting Around in the Post-automobile World


I am not being cute when I suggest that there may be more horse-drawn transport in our future than snazzy new hybrid cars.

Agriculture Returns to the Center of Economic Life

Apocalypse, Teenagers

Happy Graduation, Class of 2012. It’s both tragic and hilarious that young people have been swindled into thinking their vocational future lies in some corporate nirvana of magic techno-innovation (complete with ‘free trade” latte breaks).