Mind the Gas

Frontiers, Ecology, Eat the Street

At the inaugural World Burping Championships last Friday, Tim Janus chugged about two gallons of soda to belch for 18.1 seconds, setting a new record for the world's longest burp.

Truck Stop

Transport, Violence, Food

Food fights aren't just for kids. Recent arson attacks on Pepsi delivery trucks in Mexico provoke a look into the vulnerability of food in transit.

Brave New Vending Machine


There's no shortage of vending machines filled with strange fare, from live crabs to fresh eggs. But how about one that will make anything you want?

The Sweet Sound of Ice Cream Trucks

Food, Eat the Street

There's nothing like the beckoning call of ice cream truck music. Long before today's food truck craze, ice cream vans reigned supreme among mobile food vendors, distinct for their use of alluring jingles.

Space Is The Place

Frontiers, Star City, Travel Special

Booking your next trip? Consider going out to outer space. A number of companies are beginning to offer the vacations to infinity and beyond.

Looking for Luck

Best Wishes

Eager to brighten their prospects in India’s civic elections, political hopefuls are turning to superstition en masse.