Mind Over Matter

Shopping For The Body

Have you ever wanted to use mind control on your body? Apparently monkeys have managed to do so: the scientific journal Nature recently published research where two of the creatures successfully operated a virtual arm using only their brain waves.

Named Mango and Tangerine, the monkeys were trained to play a video game by first using a joystick to move an arm on screen, reports BBC News. To win a…

The IgNoblest of Them All

Status Symbols

The first week in October marks the announcements of the pre-eminent Nobel Prizes, which recognize advancements across fields of science and culture. Established in 1895 by Alfred Nobel, explosives expert and the inventor of dynamite, the awards were formed due to Nobel's lack of an heir as well as his desire to leave a positive legacy. (Apparently a premature obituary in a French newspaper called…

In Time We Trust

Money, Food, Time

Imagine if you could pay your next restaurant bill with time instead of money. At Time/Food, this scenario takes place at each meal: this temporary restaurant offers daily lunches where the only currency accepted is a half “hour note”, or 30 minutes of each diner’s time. Based on the fixed-price comida corridas of Mexico, the outpost is organized by Time/Bank, a New York based platform where people…

Gladiator Gangbust


Valiant but violent, gladiatorial combat saw its decline during the third century. Or did it? The Guardian reports there have been modern gladiator matches in Rome: undercover forces recently arrested 30 centurion impersonators that had been preying on unsuspecting tourists. Located around sites like the Colosseum and the Vatican, the group had been forcing visitors to hand over as much as 30 euros…

L’Hair Du Temps


The value of a good hair day may vary for each person, but it appears one is willing to pay an ever-rising amount: the wholesale price of hair has grown exponentially in the past decade.