Man Vs. Man-Machine


Can having prosthetic limbs be an advantage in competitive sports?

File Sharing the Gospel


Can copying and pasting be religious acts? For the online file-sharing movement Kopimi (“copy me”), CTRL+C and CTRL+V are sacred symbols. Serious or not, the organization has been recognized as an official religion in Sweden.

Putt-Putt Prohibited


Golf may not be one of the most action-packed sports, but it’s making headlines these days in Vietnam: Dinh La Thang, the Minister of Transport, has banned play among senior officials. The regulation was imposed to encourage employees to work harder, as well as to prevent recreational misuse of the government’s resources.

Thang, who was just appointed to his post in August, has been thought to be…

Hotel Dream Jobs

Get a Job, Travel Special

Unemployed? Or just bored at work? Consider getting a job in the hotel industry, where quirky career paths abound.

The Economist reports that the Tides Riviera Maya Hotel in Mexico, for instance, employs someone with the job title “Soap Concierge.” 
After greeting the luxury resort’s guests at their villas, he is tasked with cutting personalized slices of soap for the new arrivals. But these are…

Wham! Bam! Islam!

Superheroes, Religion

Can the world of fictional superheroes have a positive impact on real life? Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, a Kuwaiti psychologist, thinks so: he's designed an Islam-inspired comic book series, The 99, to create exemplary role models for Muslim youths.

Named after the 99 attributes of Allah, such as justice, kindness and patience, the international cast of characters promotes Islam’s positive messages, as…

Mobilizing To Dance


In light of the Occupy Wall Street protests, as well as the uprisings in London and the Middle East earlier this year, it seems that people are assembling more than ever. But in Taiwan, 700 army academy cadets recently gathered to celebrate, not to complain: in commemoration of its 100th anniversary earlier this week, the island’s government organized a number of festivities, including a jubilant…