Painting the Mountains White

Back to Earth

Every once in a while, Eduardo Gold climbs to a sunburnt, oxygen-low altitude of 5,000 meters to deface the Andean glaciers, all with the best of intentions.


Dance, Back to Earth, Trash

The Latin Latas: Colombian music, Latino-American wit, homemade instruments and symphonies of junk.


Home, Gifts for the Family

About 80% of Americans have an Internet connection, while less than half of the Venezuelan population is similarly wired. But one Venezuelan scientist, has dedicated his life to providing this right to the rest of his country.


Transport, Energy, Trash

This is the story of Cuban peasant Don Yolando Pérez Báez, a kind of magician who builds mechanical solutions to everyday problems.

From Colombia with love

Transport, Happiness, The Road

Have you ever visited Colombia? Have you ever met a Colombian? No?

“Yes, We Can!” The smuggler’s motto

Transport, Frontiers, Drugs

Colombian submarines, Mexican catapults, cross-border go-karts. With the worldwide drug trade worth more than most countries’ GDP, dealers' DIY smuggling strategies represent a lot of potential profit.