Step by Step

Money, Gifts for the Family

First, a Chinese family developed an oxygen ventilator with bicycles, washing machine parts and water hoses, then Argentinian car mechanic Jorge Cardile built a walking machine to rehabilitate his son's dead arms and legs.

Against a monopoly of force


Nine thousand pinheirinhos live here; there are enough to muster several battalions of desperate foot soldiers. You match the police’s equipment with your own ingenuity. Motorcycle helmets become combat gear.

Beauty is the Beast

Extraordinary Fashion

Peruvian rodents on the catwalk.

Priti Baiks


Hop onto my ride...Baby!



Verdict: guilty. Sentence: 10 years. Feels like: being buried alive. Whether you wait out the sentence, or break a path to freedom, your most useful assets will be the DIY tips and tools invented by fellow prisoners.

Maya Pedal


Bike-blenders, bike-grinders, bike-water pumps, bike-washing machines invented by descendants of the ancient Mayans, in the Guatemalan village of San Andrés Itzapa.