Giving a Hand

Frontiers, Touch

A tragic accident. Days spent in a hospital bed, wondering what to do next. This Venezuelan decided to build himself a left arm, and became a social entrepreneur along the way.

The Sound, the Trumpet.

Superheroes, Fans, Get a Job

In Mexico, a plastic bottle has become a trumpet.

Much to learn you still have… My old Padawan

Superheroes, Fans

You first need to learn to control the mind and the emotions, then struggle to acquire lightsaber skills. A Jedi academy in Quilpué, Chile.


Superheroes, Tours, Get a Job

The bullring performances of these short-figured athletes have become itinerant traveling shows throughout Mexico.

Pixaçao: Painting the Sky

Extraordinary Fashion

These pichadores not want to leave any wall clean of their work; even the tallest buildings and most remote surfaces must be painted with symbols that are the seeds of an aesthetic revolution.

There Once Was a Hospital

Best Wishes, Telenovelas

It was once said that those who died in San Juan de Dios went straight to heaven.