Black Trees

Teenagers, Back to Earth

It is impossible to deny the power of a dark anguished teenager perched on the edge of a dry branch. This is the pop version of an old icon.



Sometimes, it's blue. It’s a shocking reminder of your first papercut or fall from a bike. My maiden aunt swears the stuff runs “pure” through the veins of her ridiculous, sausage-shaped dog. Yet, despite our fascination with it, we know very little about blood.

Stuck in Time


Mute Faces evokes the fear of a small child left for 5 minutes in a double-parked car.

Family Matters

Photo Studio

Holiday fail: at the tender age of 5, you have already created a photographic monster that will stalk you for the rest of your life. Thanks Facebook. Thanks, Granny.

Guess the ingredients!


Good at guessing games? Try photographer Dulce Pinzón’s photos, where viewers can guess the racial origins of each model. The real genetic mix is labeled at the bottom of each portrait.

Car Cooperation


Everyday, they climb into the backs of trucks to travel from metropolitan Monterrey to the wealthy northern suburbs where they work.