The Russian Diet


How do you photograph a feeling like hunger? Photographer Fedor Telkov uses minimalism and irony. His new photo series, "Product Set", bares the precarity of subsistence in Russia, where one in five live in poverty.

Will you marry me?


Many wait seemingly forever to be asked this question. Photographer Tanit Plana has collected over 70 proposal stories for her “Forever” project, in which she documents women revisiting their dusty dresses from the big day.

Fair Feathers


Who says a dog is man’s only best friend? There is a whole world to discover at trade shows for fowl. And that's where the ‘animal photographer’ Santos Román found his latest victims.

The Mongolian Secret

Victims, Freedom of Speech, Extraordinary Fashion

On a clear night in the Mongolian steppe, a few kilometers from Ulan Bator, an impromptu party takes place in a small house. A group of brave and self-assured transsexuals drink late into the night, dressed as if it were New Year's Eve.

Zambia goes to Mars

Star City

A space suit with tribal markings, a tame elephant, a mummified alien. As though ticking off a shopping list, photographer Cristina de Middel collected the graphic elements she needed for her new project, about Zambia's mysterious space program?