Utopic Landscapes

Photo Studio, Ecology

Georg Parthen is fascinated by utopia. The German photographer confesses finding inspiration in science-fiction movies and novels, while his beauty ideals draw on the “brutal and formalistic” architecture of Germany’s Rurh region.

Postcards from the Black Sea

The Sea

Depardon's essay traces the visual scars of past eastern European conflicts, of an unadorned daily life...

Suicidal Astronauts

Transport, Back to Earth, Star City

“One minute, an astronaut was waving at smiling children driving by in their parents’ cars. The next, he was jumping off a bridge.”

True Stories

Victims, Photo Studio

"Photos don’t necessarily represent the climax of the story", Balley explains, "but rather a time just prior or after it. We never see the crime represented overtly in the photos, but it is present somewhere”.


Transport, Tours

"I was riding through the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower and several hundred meters away I saw a bus with an amazing rainbow graphic on it. As I rode closer, it drove away, and I couldn't catch up. In the days that followed I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I started looking around."

Seoul’s Empty Squares


Once synonymous with commerce and debate, the agora has become a lonely place in the 21st century. Hosang Park’s birds-eye photographs prove it.