Thirty-two teams. One golden trophy. This summer, an elite selection of extraordinary footballers finally comes together to play the most beautiful game on earth in COLORS #90 – Football.

COLORS at Facing Pages


Today and tomorrow, COLORS will be at Facing Pages, where editor-in-chief Patrick Waterhouse is discussing magazines as tools for change.

The SMS Farmers’ Union

Mar 26, 2014

The next Silicon Valley is Nairobi, Kenya, according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who visited the African capital last January.

COLORS at Design Conference Munich


COLORS will be in Munich this Saturday, with editor-in-chief Patrick Waterhouse talking survival and how we make the COLORS Survival Guides series at the QVED Design Conference.

Protest and survival in Turin


Protest rocks Turin this weekend!

Money Messaging

Jan 27, 2014

About 30% of the Kenyan GDP is exchanged through mobile phones.