The Last Fanatics


An Indian tribe believed to be the last pure Aryan tribe in the world attracts some curious visitors, like German women hoping to be impregnated.

Little Bronies


Meet the Bronies - male, adult ultrafans of the pink and sparkly cartoon "My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic".

The God of the South Pacific


The Tanna islanders believe that when Prince Philip steps ashore, mature kava plants will sprout, old people will shed their skins, and a man will be able to take any woman he wants.

Over 60, Under the Sea

The Sea

While grandmothers all over the world occupy themselves with knitting and apple pie, the elderly ladies of the Jeju islands spend their days 20 metres under the water.

Women In Charge

Monoculture, Marriage

With no words for "father" and "husband", China's Mosuo tribe is one of the last matriarchal societies on the planet.


Dance, Get a Job

Many of the tunes that topped the Western music charts in the 80s were also extremely successful in India - thanks to a master plagiarist who was passing them off as his own.