The Usual Suspects

Get a Job

Like most other casting directors in the world, Robert Weston has a fondness for alcohol, a vocabulary dripping with expletives, and a strict 'I never say no to money' policy. But that's where his resemblance to the chihuahua brigade ends. His job isn't to cast the next 'Ugly Girl Takes Her Glasses Off And Suddenly Becomes Beautiful' chick flick, but to cast police line ups in the Bronx. For every…

Gaddafi: An Obituary


We live in a world where it's impolite to celebrate death, and in this case, it would be far worse to mourn, so all we can do is write an obituary in honor of Muhammar Gaddafi. And because the thumb-rule with obituaries is that you should try to paint the person in a positive light, we'll just follow suit.

Muammar Gaddafi, noted fashionista, champion of Botox, and creator of confusion as to how…

A Mouthful Of Crazy

Shopping For The Body

Normally, a story about cosmetic surgery and implants would imply that it’s a slow news day. Stories about 12 year olds getting nose jobs have lost their shock value, and so many people are getting plastic surgery to look like various supermodels and superheroes, that it’s really not worth writing about anymore. But there is good news: we might have just come full circle. In Japan, which is arguably…

The Silent Treatment


The world is full of cities where speed limits are ignored, traffic lights are merely a suggestion, and a mid-day dash to the grocery store turns into an adrenaline-filled game of Grand Theft Auto. After years of struggling to control the drivers with signs and fines, some of them have finally decided to fight crazy with crazy.

Last year, the traffic police of Nagpur, India tried to harness the…


Photo Studio

In the world of photo memes, Planking is old news. It started as a photo challenge in Australia, where people had to take a picture of themselves lying face-down in the most dangerous location possible. Like all things ridiculous, it spread rapidly, with millions of young people scurrying up poles, cupboards and monuments to capture their fifteen seconds of fame. But endorsement by celebrities like…

The Homework Police


On a wet Wednesday evening in Seoul, six government employees gather at the office to prepare for a late-night patrol. The mission is as simple as it is counterintuitive: to find children who are studying after 10 p.m. And stop them.'

In South Korea, a country where education trumps all, teenage rebellion doesn't take the form of saggy pants or experiments with beer. Instead, Korean teenagers…