The race for the Russian presidential elections officially begins today, with parties submitting their lists of candidates. After keeping journalists and their audiences guessing for over a year, Vladmir Putin has decided to run for President after all.  And while everyone is raising questions about the possible democratization and modernization of Russia, the one question that they should be asking…

When Sport Meets Marriage


After 600 years of blood, sequins and animal-rights campaigns, the sport of Bullfighting came to an end this weekend with the last ever fight in Barcelona.  And while the fans cry fowl and the PETA-crowd celebrates, it’s clear that we need to replace it with a new sport before someone thinks of an equally gruesome one. While ChessBoxing (apparently ‘The Thinking Person’s Contact Sport’) and…

Is it a bird? A plane?

Best Wishes

Eric Martin, a 13 year old boy from Seattle was whiling away the morning when he got an urgent phonecall from Spiderman. The Seattle Sounders, the city’s soccer team was being kept hostage by supervillans Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy, and only Electron Boy could save them. 

Like a true superhero, Eric ran out, changed into his Electron Boy costume (in a phone booth, we presume) and hitched a…



With every new piece of ‘talking without talking’ technology we adopt, the art of the break-up takes a new hit. Tears have been replaced by weepy emoticons and Dear John letters are now written by programs, but while most people draw the line at 140-character text messages, the Chinese have taken it one step further.
The newest trend to hit the dating scene in China is the outsourcing of breakups.…

Artificial (Un)Intelligence?

Freedom of Speech

From the day in 400 BC that a man in Alexandria built the first mechanical bird, robots have had a firm hold over our imaginations and research budgets. Over the years, we've taught our bots to milk our cows, fight our wars, and date men who would find it really difficult to talk to a non-robotic female lifeform. But perhaps our greatest achievement of all is that we have taught them to be…

The Big Fat Tax


As two American ladies battle it out for the title of World’s Fattest Woman, and hot dog eating turns into a serious competitive sport – there is one country that is taking the obesity epidemic seriously.

Hungary has decided to introduce a ‘fat tax’ of 10 korint (0.37 Euros) on food with high fat, salt and sugar content, effective immediately. The logic behind the move is simple. According to…