Angela Quintavalle


Angela Quintavalle was born in Padua, Italy.

She graduated in 1997 in Oriental Languages and Literatures (Chinese) from Cà Foscari University in Venice, Italy.

After a period of study at the College of Foreign Languages- Capital Normal University in Beijing, China, in 1998 she was selected for an internship at Colors magazine.

Following her experience at Colors, Angela was called to be part of a new department at Fabrica, specialized to deal with External and Press Relations, coordinate the creative teams, promote their projects in the media worldwide, and organize cultural events, fairs, round tables and workshops with leading personalities in the communications, design and art fields on an international level.

In the course of her long experience at Fabrica, Angela has participated in the development and promotion of a large number of cultural and social communication projects in the areas of design, visual communication, photography, interaction, video, cinema, music and editorial.