Erica Fusaro


Erica Fusaro was born in Mirano, near Venice, Italy.

She studied Oriental Languages and Civilization (Chinese) at Venice University Ca' Foscari, Italy. After graduating in 2004, her passionate interest in contemporary Chinese art brought her to Beijing, where she worked for a year in an art gallery handling Chinese contemporary art. She organized collective and solo shows, openings, the sale of artpieces to collectors and established many contacts with local press, curators and artists. After China, she moved to Italy and began work at Fabrica as the managing editor of COLORS magazine. For four years she has been responsible for COLORS magazine's external relations and budget management, and has supervised the logistics of distributing the magazine in 40 countries worldwide, assisting HR, working with multiethnic and multicultural magazine staff and fostering team development. Now she's back in China, where she works as the promoter of Fabrica and COLORS magazine in Asia.