Erik Ravelo


Born in Havana (Cuba) in 1978, Erik Ravelo is one of Fabrica’s art directors.

After graduating with a specialization in painting from the Accademia Nacional de Bellas Artes S. Alejandro in Havana, he worked as a junior art director at Agulla & Baccetti, a Buenos Aires based advertising agency, from 1997 to 2002.

In 2002 he was invited to join Fabrica’s Visual Communication team, where he produced several projects, among them three social communication campaigns commissioned by the World Health Organization: “Violence”, “Road Safety” and “World No Tobacco Day”. 

After working at the Armando Testa advertising agency in Torino, in 2007 he returned to Fabrica’s creative community where, beyond working on numerous communication projects, he is the creative director of Colors magazine. 

His works have been published in several international magazines and presented in various prestigious exhibitions, among them Fabrica: Les Yeux Ouverts, showcasing Fabrica’s many different “souls” and already presented in Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Tokyo.