Giulia De Meo


Giulia is a Venician girl who joined the magical world of Fabrica in 2007 after getting a degree in Philosophy and a degree in Semiotics.

Highly inspired by semiologist Umberto Eco’s theories, when asked what Semiotics is about, she loves to quote Radiohead’s song “Everything in its right place”, meaning that every element in our life, being it a note in a melody, a new character of a reality show, an ingredient in a recipe or a variable in a scientific theory, gets its role and meaning based on the place in a  very specific and relative structure. It’s just a matter of playing the right game.

Giulia found her “right place” (and her love) at COLORS in 2009, as COLORS’ Executive Editor and Web Editor, happy to work on the COLORS production with the rest of the team, organizing the texts and translations of the printed edition of the magazine, and managing the website.

She also coordinated the production of the COLORS guide “Africa Mon Amour”, in collaboration with GOOD Magazine.

When she is not publishing on the COLORS website, she runs, bakes and knits in Colorado.