Juan Pablo Gallón Salazar


The youngest son of a family who raised him on hot chocolate and arepa. Mid-defending footballer until someone broke his leg now plays only “between friends”. Since a kid has dealt with bosses, friends and colleagues saying: "hey Gallon introduce me to your sister". Complete nerd at school. Washed dishes for a living in the U.S, returning only to waiter at a dwarfs bar in Bogota. Always dreamed of becoming a musician but doesn’t even know how to play the happy birthday. A publicist who has never exercised, a journalist by chance and a writer by accident. He enjoys cliches, likes commas instead of dots and colorful adjectives rather than terse verbs.

Music and pop culture writer for Shock Magazine, the most important music publication in Colombia, where he interviewed the likes of, The Killers; Jet; Bat For Lashes; Bajofondo and played foosball with Depeche Mode. He has worked for magazines such as Cartel Urbano, Exclama and Summus, and the newspaper El Espectador. He’s a quiet guy who now only eats pasta, rides bicycles, is always on the lookout for good stories and writes for COLORS Magazine as a student at FABRICA. He has played a critical part of various issues such as The Sea, Dance, Superheroes and Transport,  and while stealing time to write this, is working on Colors Shit.

Writes in Spanish and English and is imparando un po di Italiano. Wishes to continue traveling, practicing the ukulele, making bits advertising, producing beautiful magazines, writing exciting pieces, and searching for the first two sentences with which to begin his own story. 


COLORS Blog Series: DIY in Latin America
Warm people and scarcity everywhere. Imagination and creativity are the daily bread. Daily solutions to everyday problems. DIY responses to resolve the uncertainties that harass the people living on this continent.  That's what this blog is all about.