Karrie Jacobs

New Jersey

I was the executive editor for the first two years of Colors' existence, issues 1 through 4.  I worked intensively with Tibor and Toscani on the invention of the magazine.  I wrote much of the copy in the first four issues, including (and especially) the editorial statements.

My life with Colors began when Tibor called me on a Saturday afternoon in late 1990 and told me that he and Toscani were sitting around his office and I should come over.  He wanted me to be the magazine's "assigning editor."  I remember telling them that I thought it might be tough to put out an optimistic magazine about the world with the first Gulf War in progress.  They shrugged that problem off.
We started up the magazine in New York City in early 1991 and Tibor and I fought about everything including, quite literally, the punctuation.  He didn't quite understand the purpose of semi-colons, but he really liked the way they looked.

After an extremely contentious issue #4  -- the one on race -- I quit and moved to Berlin.
Since Colors I've given birth to one other magazine, Dwell, where I was the founding editor-in-chief.

I've lived in Berlin, Manhattan, San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

I've been the architecture critic of New York Magazine,  a Public Eye columnist for the New York Times, and a blogger for House & Garden.

I've written a book, The Perfect $100,000 House (Viking, 2006) and am at work on another one, True Silence, for Knopf.

I currently do pretty much what I did before Colors came along; I write a column for Metropolis Magazine.  I'm also a contributing editor at Travel + Leisure where I double as the airport critic.

Oh, and I teach at SVA's graduate program in design criticism, D-Crit.
And I just got a dog.