Magdalena Czarnecki


Magdalena Czarnecki is a Graphic Designer / Art Director from Stockholm, Sweden that recently returned home and are currently freelancing for design studios such as Acne Art Dept, Planeta Design & Essen International in Stockholm.

Magdalena received a Bachelor in Communication Design at Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, Australia 2008 and later worked as a designer at Naughtyfish Design in Sydney, as well as freelanced for clients such as GQ Australia and Moon Communications Group.

In 2009 Magdalena received the NewStar Award at agIdeas Design Conference in Melbourne, Australia that took her to Fabrica,  the Benetton Group’s communication research centre. While staying at Fabrica as a resident in 2009-2010, Magdalena worked as an Art Director for Colors Magazine on issue 77 – The Sea, 78 – Dance and 79 – Collector.