COLORS 89 will follow people moving from the places where they live to the places where they will live next. They might be the crowds of mass migration, embarking on epic journeys in search of a better life, a bit less war or a friendlier government. They might be nomadic communities always on the move; people who only want to move from the country into the city; or individuals who have simply decided to get going (or to stay put). With them, we'll pack the long-term travelers' tools, strategies and curiosities: fake passports, luggage-stuffing tips, border-crossing theme-parks, a guide to the psychology of moving, hand-drawn maps and simple instructions on how to move your house, literally.

This is the laboratory for COLORS Magazine. A place for experimentation. Send us stories, photos and videos about moving house in the rest of the world. Selected submissions will be published online to fuel creative discussion.