FOREVER by Tanit Plana

#20 Marriage

Forever is a participatory project that gives a voice to the female experience of marriage. The project was born in response to my own life experience, after I realized that being a married woman has little to do with the fantasies I had on my wedding day. It also emerged as a part of my need to share these concerns and seek answers in other, often wiser, women. So I started to ask women, years later, to dress up the same way they did on your "big day"--to take the risk of being uncomfortable in a garment that no longer fits. The dress is a mold that once contained a body with a younger, more naive expectations of love, but how does it fit today? Can the same seams contain all the new luggage? Taking this trip down memory lane can be bittersweet, as one revisits the optimism of yesterday while feeling the gap between the reality of the present. These explorations are documented through series of portraits and performances. Central to the ritual of marriage, the wedding dress is a fetish object which embodies all the personal and cultural fantasies (or imperatives) that women have inherited about marriage and raising families. Photographing the recontextualized dresses is a way for me to question these clichés. "Forever" is a project curated by Cèlia del Diego and produced by la Caixa Foundation.


This lab entry was picked by Colors photo blogger Laia Abril, who also reviewed it on the blog.