Pre Game

#76 Teenagers

Twenty-one. That is the minimum legal age to purchase alcohol in the United States of America. Some States are more permissive, some others apply the law more strictly. In both cases underage drinking is something that happens behind closed doors. It's pretty common to pre-game: which means drinking at home, before heading out an party some more. There are different ways to buy boos if you're underage. The easiest one is to get a fake ID (in California it can cost you less then $60) or ask an overage friend to buy it for you. Most of the times I attended house parties, the pre-game was followed by a complete, sometimes out of control, full party. Those are generally the most fun. There are also many individuals who think the legal drinking age should be lowered making it a less tempting forbidden fruit, or rebellion against authority. This series, taken between 2009 and 2010 portrays people at house parties, after their last drink.