Abandoned pianist house, lost village, emptiness and white bait.

#82 Shit

This story is not about toilets.

During a trip to New Zealand, one of my plans was to lose myself in the wild open spaces - pretty easy task in this country, the furthest you can get from old Europe. Hiking on the Heaphy Track in the north-west corner of the South Island was one of the nicest walks I've done in my life: three days walk without meeting a soul; the way is idiot proof and the cabins along the way provide natural and ecological sanitation where you can even sit! At the end of this hike you arrive in Karamea, a one time gold-rush town now of around 400 people, probably the most remote place in the world from my Swiss perspective. After the hike we needed a day's rest and had to wait for the little plane to take us back. During this time we went from surpise to suprise: the villagers were waiting for the arrival of the shoals of 3 cm-long fish called white bait (a local delicacy); we listened to an old Kiwi veteran WWII-pilot tell us about his escape from his flaming bomber shot down over Germany; and we found this abandoned derelict house with the most unexpected piano seat. No idea if this was put together or if some lonesome drinker needed this close proximity to the "john" to keep the music flowing, but this discovery provided my most unforgetable souvenir and photograph of my most recent trip to NZ. After the gold rush...