Toilets for Votes

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According to the United Nations 2.6 billion people in the world still do not have access to toilets.
Colombian farmers of Sutamarchán municipality belong to this group of people, as during decades they have been doing their necessities in the outdoors, mostly in pastures and crops next to their homes.

"Where do you make your necessities?", asked a local journalist for a national TV program (Séptimo Día) to one of the famers of Sutamarchán.
"On the mountain, where else?", she answered.
 Another girl adds: "I want a bathroom for poo, pee and take a shower. I don’t want to feel a cold bottom anymore." 

Playing with the people's needs, local politicians of the city administration promised the farmers to give them toilets. In exchange they should have chosen them and their parties at last year's elections. The politicians won, rose to power and the farmers of Sutamarchántoilets have never seen a single toilet.