Ah Pa

#83 Happiness

“Ah Pa” means Dad in colloquial mandarin. This project is an exploration and documentation of a riotous father and son relationship and a very intimate view into the on-goings of a Chinese family in Singapore. Shown here in this series is an off-shoot that I call the “Emulation” series. I am emphasizing the child-like emulation of adult behaviour. Don’t we all remember trying on our father’s shoe for size or wishing that one day you grow up to be just like him? A parent’s influence on a child is undeniable. This work is the exploration and reflection of this parent-child tie.

None of the photographs of my father is posed. Some of the photos show him in a really unflattering light. Perhaps it was an indication of our relationship then.

I have never been close to my father and we used to have super big fights all the time that resulted in shouting matches, slamming of doors and even the occasional shoving. These photographs have given us an excuse to put down our awkwardness, our male egos and just connect as father and son.

Although my father still does not entirely understand why I shot him, we are much closer these days.