Church of Intoxication Anonymous

#83 Happiness

The Church invites all alcoholics to join us and our weekly binge drinking activities.

The Singaporean division of the Church was set-up by Pastor Matthew Teo in 2011. Drinking religiously every weekend or every day? Hitting your favourite club/bar/pub/coffeeshop for a drink regularly? How sure are you that isn't your religion instead?

Call Pastor Matthew Teo for more information or for a good time.Today, Intoxication is practiced and cherished by over 100 million people in over 100 countries. The Ten Commandments: 1) One shall drink the shots given to them regardless of their liking 2) Never waste alcohol. 3) Free alcohol is the best alcohol 4) Never topple your drinks no matter how drunk you are. 5) One should have a binge drinking session at least once a week, if not daily. 6) Sundays should be the only alcohol free day 7) Alcohol sharing is caring 8) Alcohol should be drunk on an empty stomach. 9) Always mix, never puke 10) Whiskey, Wine, Spirits, Tequila, Beer, its all alcohol and drink it all.

Never discriminate. This being a work of fabrication, it is also an investigation into how we bestow upon objects and people with a religious aura. Is it the objects, the codes of morality, the rituals, the worship or the religious figures? It seeks to examine the kind of authority that we place on religion and religious figures as well as the roles they play in society and our lives.