Kids shooting kids

#83 Happiness

Photography is a dynamic medium. Visually powerful, it has positive implications for teaching and learning. And with the digital age right in our faces, easy just becomes a lot easier. Between August 2008 and January 2012, I ran a photography initiative at Silverglen Primary School, with the aim of giving every child - including the youngest learners - the opportunity to take at least one photograph with a digital SLR. Of course, the first attempts were comical with trees growing out of children's heads, telephone cables running through their ears and horizon lines becoming totally tilted. But a learning curve is called a learning curve because progress, in most cases, is just around the bend. This essay contains a selection of the children's work - ranging from point-and-shoot pieces through to post-processed creativity via Photoshop. And between the radiant smiles and the correct exposure there's always a whole lot of laughter and an equal amount of happiness.