Red scarves

#83 Happiness

Young Pioneer Red Scarf 1917

A pioneer movement is an organization for children operated by a communist party. Typically children enter into the organization in elementary school and continue until adolescence. The red scarf is the only uniform item. Young Pioneers are often referred to simply as "Red Scarves". The red scarf is orgin from Russian Orthodox theology in 1917 and Russia's Lenin pointed it as as communist party symbol in 1922, brought to China in 1953 meaning a corner of the flag and colored by revolutionary martyrs's blood. It brought generations and generations the happiness of idealism for communist countries, I still remember the date when I join the young pioneer, and was put on the red scarf, how excited and proud I was. I took my red scarf off at a moment when I was 14, and I did say "Be prepared, to struggle for the cause of Communism!" at 6. The Red scarf project started when I was 33 working in california as a designer in 2007. I came back to China, brought a red scarf from my elementary school and brought back. Putting the red scarf on a Danish, a Chinese and a German American mix girl, at a moment, the meaning and meaningless of the Red Scarf revealed.

The happiness is continually happening, do we want to remember what carries it, and how we can look back?