#84 Apocalypse

Had the chilling, end-of-the world prophecy of Nostradamus been timelined thirty years earlier, Black Sabbath - fronted by Ozzy Osbourne - would most certainly have embarked on a massive FINAL COUNTDOWN tour, covering six continents in six days, as well as getting their final album released over the weekend, just so that it could receive airplay on Doomsday FM, the last remaining radio station on earth. And of course, the album would've contained more dark elements than all of Stephen King's chillers put together. But these days the Prince of Darkness has a very different take on life - one that is far removed from the drug-soaked imagery which so vividly illustrated his life back in the day. I sourced this gem from an issue of Rolling Stone magazine early in 2011.

A reader was seeking advice on how he should prepare for the end of the world and what he should stock in his basement. And Ozzy responded: "If things take a really bad turn, how the fuck can you be so sure you'll still have a basement? Stop being so paranoid, man. If you think the world's about to end - which it ain't - you should be worrying about how much fun you can have before the shit hits the fan, not how you'll survive when the beans run out and your gran turns into a zombie."

Notes: Ozzy Osbourne artwork on first image - courtesy Nayanthra Nydoo