In the event of.. a tsunami

#84 Apocalypse

1. You need a sling and a length of strong material. If you are around fishermen, raid their boats for line, rope or netting, raid stores for sarongs or towels. You can always take off your shirt or pants. Make a round sling about the length of your forearm; this will hug most coconut palm trunks well. Take more material or rope to tie yourself to the top of the palm. 2. In the event of a Tsunami you need to get to higher ground. Water has risen to over 30 meters (98ft) on the shore, so go north. Once you are as high as you can be, choose your tree. More established trees have the more stable root system. Do not pick one against the shore line or river, as the constant moisture leaves them weaker at the base. 3. Maybe say a little prayer. Press the balls of your feet into the sling and hug the trunk with your arms and cross your fingers. Pull yourself up and catch the trunk between your feet. 4. Lean back into the safety of your feet and move your hands above your head. Bend your knees and pull yourself and your feet higher up on the trunk. 5. Repeat 6. If you need to rest lean back and extend your arms. Standing up is fine also; just ensure your knees are wide and your heels down. 7. Once you reach the top tie yourself securely into the tree, coconut palms sway. Make sure you are as secure as possible, but can remove yourself quickly if the coconut tree falls. 8. Keep a hold of the sling. Tsunami's can come in multiple waves. You may need it again. Good Luck survivalist.