The Archaeology of The Apocalypse

#84 Apocalypse

A series of stills gathered from 8mm film, an anachronistic analogue form of technology which accrues the patina of age as it decays and becomes corrupted. This ageing process, time and entropy stripping away the vitality of celluloid, runs parallel to the simultaneous ageing of the human subjects of the film. The ageing image of analogue is directly counter to the ubiquitous perfection of contemporary digital technology. Now the photographic image is an endlessly reproducible, manipulatable surface which perpetually endures unaltered. The captured moment is now suspended in eternal status, the previous synchronous decay of subject and image in the past, is now replaced by the everlasting, relentless perfection of the present. The process of extracting stills from the found footage is a form of curating time, a form of archaeology, revealing moments from a pre-existing, mediated reality, the reality of a now absent, anonymous eye. As aged and ageing artefact, these stills are each replete with an apocalyptic aura, convalescing into an amorphous narrative of destruction.