Untitled Attack, 2012

#84 Apocalypse

The Apocalypse - an un-covering or lifting of the veil has long been a central theme in my work, combined with interests in the Void and the Sublime. Taxidermy owls are my most recent focal point, chosen for the varying mythologies that surround their existence. Some cultures believe them to be a bad omen, an ominous sign of impending doom, others think of them as wise. ("the owls are not what they seem" - Twin Peaks)

I have a playful approach to image making which plays with expected notions of representation and subverts them. My work is often a response to what I see and feel, my photographs also operate on more universal level; hinting at our shared reality of dislocation, obsession, isolation, loss and desire. I have a set of reoccurring motifs that feature in my work; birds, hands, inversion and symmetry which symbolize freedom, death, rebellion and beauty in my personal iconography. My recent video piece (Untitled Attack, 2012), a homage to those lost, or effected by the events of 9/11* stems from an increased anxiety from living in the London Olympic zone. With talks of heightened terrorist threat, and anti-terrorism tactics coming closer to home, I begin to wander exactly who the threat is. * I strongly believe in both the 9/11 & 7/7 truth movement's call for independent investigation and inquiry.