Buy & Sell

#85 Going to Market

i live in the west end of the city. i like to explore my neighbourhood through photographs, unearthing stories and textures that would otherwise not be seen. Buy & Sell is run by Reza, an immigrant from Iran. he has a keen eye for collectables and his shop is piled to the ceiling with everything from random paper ephemera to tea cups. i frequent the store, looking for bits of old paper and books to collect and sometimes collage. i am seldom disappointed and his prices are very reasonable. he is a like-able, quiet man who knows what he has and i always enjoy passing by, sometimes just to chat a bit. his laugh is like a higher pitched version of Dr. Hibbert of The Simpsons fame. i am a bit worried at the prospect of losing this shop to the changing face of this neighbourhood, so i am trying to enjoy it while i can. i had an eye opening experience recently. i unearthed an envelope that contained a pile of tiny photographs. i flipped through them and quickly realized that i was looking at the history of a couple from their dating years to a retirement home. i was in tears. toronto is full of stories and textures, and this is one of them.