#85 Going to Market

This story consists of two parallel narratives where objects and identities are placed arbitrarily in different contexts, change their content and significance and are redefined. Common items you can purchase in a supermarket in Esthonia, in a tourist shop in Dubai or in toy store in Athens are symbolically "distorted" in a close up picture and come off as being politically incorrect. People are reinvented behind a paper mask and become full of references yet irrelevant to their environment (context). The series intends to form a crossing of new meanings and to project a sequence where these meanings interact with each other. In a way the portraits work as double portraits and so do the meanings emerging from the photographs, in an effort to re-examine the relation between visual signifier and signified . Our predispositions, what we knew or have heard may appear to be strangely wrong when they face us, resulting into a creative confusion. No one can tell for sure: "Elvis may be alive".