Open Market Slaughterhouse

#85 Going to Market

Last December, I traveled to Taiwan for two months. During which, my grandfather passed away, and so while my mother spent her days arranging the funeral with my aunts and uncles, I roamed around the county of Miaoli with my cousins- or whoever would take me on the back of their scooters. On one of such days, I came upon a slaughterhouse that was not much of a "slaughterhouse"; It was simply on the side of a road with cages of chickens waiting to be killed and prepared. I wasn't sure what to make of it- neither of the butcher doing the killings, nor the customers waiting for their food. Was I simply witnessing the execution of food chain in action? Or should I be outraged? I still cannot decide to this day, but after the experience of seeing it in person, and reliving it every time I edit these images, I know that I respect these workers for what they do.