High priority


Functioning as EXHIBIT A during the Repurpose Exhibition - which opened yesterday and wiil run until 10th December 2011- this stylish and functional rooftop vegetable garden, illustrates the effective use of space in drab inner-city blocks.

A happy balance between creative architecture and sustainable agriculture. Perhaps, Le Corbusier was right when he said: `Architecture is a way of thinking; not a job.'

This garden occupies an area of approximately 1300 square metres and is reliant on a variety of recyclable and reusable materials; all of which contribute to the general theme of sustainable and small-scale agriculture. In addition, this project is enhanced by the provision of solar geysers and panels which absorb and store the sun's energy. There is also a facility for collecting rainwater for irrigation, as well as a fully functioning worm-farm, to add nutrients to the soil.

Repurpose is one of the many educationally rich, side events running alongside the main Climate Change shindig - the 17th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - which is taking place in Durban, the host city.