I’ve got feathers


If the glamour, the catwalk and the high fashion largely define our contemporary communicative context, "I’ve got feathers"  tries to reinvent the language of photography to take it to an adulterated and impure level, where you can transit through the basic elements of this type of photography. An evident desire of disentangling the images that go unnoticed for the rest of us shows itself in all Santos Román photographic work; he also manages to penetrate into that double bottom that remains hidden at first sight. So, on the one hand, this series of photographs is supported by the language of the most advanced consumer societies and by its communicative ways. By using the theatricality and the mise en scene of advertising, he brings us closer to a place full of collective beauties and obsessions, a place that is also full of the lights and shades of a complex society. Introduced by this sweet social paranoia, we step into the present public context. This lab entry was picked by Colors photo blogger Laia Abril, who also reviewed it on the blog.