Mom’s story


My name is Anna and i'm 20 years old.

I live outside Milan in a district where It's quite hard to live. I soon developed a strong need to take photographs, especially after some bad episodes that took place in my life.

I live with my mom in a small flat, part of a housing estate and this is the centre of my world. My mom's worked in a factory for 35 years, but when she was 9 she started working as a tailor and she's still doing it. I am really fashinated by her job and I love to see her passion at that. Her passion never faded away, even after 40 years.

In this photos I wanted to capture her everyday life: at work, during a quick break. I think everybody can perceive from her gaze and expressions how her life has been.

I can see her effort, struggle and sufferings but a lot of satisfaction, too, for her life that she lived in simplicity.

I am not good with words, that's why I prefer photography. I think my photos can express all those things much better.