Through The Spaces Between Moments


Beauty. Nature. History. Knowledge. The Unpredictable.

There is a sense of inexplicable fulfilment every time we recognise these features in everyday life, when we realise that for a fleeting moment we unconsciously got in touch with a deeper understanding of who and why we are. Since there is no way to envision the future, men are left helpless with history and the present. Men build museums to gather the memory and the grandeur of human kind. They inspire people and give them the means to build the foundations for the next generation. We create environments where we can admire the beauty of nature, where we can get in touch with the incredible beauties the world provides us. All of this creates a sense of belonging and wholeness, both because men are often scared of isolation and because we are naturally tempted to give THE Answer to our existence. Maybe we are missing the whole point, or we are looking at it from the wrong perspective. What if the wholeness of our existence was made instead of little pieces, instants, encounters, that if we were able to recognise would reveal the most precious thing we have; the ability of perceiving sudden moments that are telling us some indescribable truth, with deep emotion. And cling to them.

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