Travelling By Proxy


I dream constantly of travel. Having only been to a measly six countries in my twenty-five years of life, I continue to dram of more, and am always accumulating ideas, even if not funds, for my next adventure. I love where I live, but my wanderlust is like an ongoing itch; I can ignore it for a while, but eventually it must be scratched. I love ‘creeping’ people on Facebook when I come find out that they have done interesting things, and visited interesting places since I last knew them. I love travel web sites and blogs, magazines, and anything else I can get my hands on, including accurate novels set in exotic places. I love to look at and imagine these places, enjoying each snapshot and word and its window into a place I have yet to explore in person. In essence, by consuming all of this travel media, I am traveling by proxy. And from where I sit, that’s a heck of a lot better than not travelling at all. Between Facebook pictures, watching the Amazing Race, and a few books on each, I almost feel that I have been to parts of India, Vietnam and Brazil. While I know very well that nothing can truly capture the unique feeling that each separate corner of our planet offers, I enjoy every moment that I get to spend looking at or reading about a place; I certainly feel more connected and inspired, if nothing else. So when the next age that our planet is facing comes to pass, and we may not be able to so easily transport ourselves form one place to another, at least we will be able to travel by proxy. Thanks to the wonders of technology, and even the joy of our own imaginations bringing colour and life to words on a page, we will always be able to see, if not feel, the distant lands that we dream of.