Waiting for the dambusters


They where a squadron of bomberplanes with a crew of 7 persons each. Their impossible mission: to bomb the heavily protected power dams. The aircrafts where blackpainted for an attack at night and rebuilt to carry one big sink bomb. Torpedoes didn't work because of safety nets in the water to protect the dam wall. Under the belly two spotlights where put and angled downwards, intersecting each other at a specific distance a few meters below the plane. When the light beams crossed each other on the water surface, they where low enough for the drop to work.  They dived down from the night sky, straight into the bee's nest of enemy gunfire, close to the water surface towards their target. When they where close enough, the big barrelbomb spun up with high velocity in the mounting-construction, before they released it. Because of the spin the bomb would bounce on the water surface over the protective net, hit the damwall and start to sink deep enough so when it exploded, it would destroy the dam in a critical part of the structure and release all the water. They got the nickname, The Dambusters.  This series is about bottled up pain and sadness to the extent that feelings eventually fades off. The subconscious simply can't handle more. It's about confused thoughts of being evil because of the nonexistent feelings and yet the feeling of something dark within. But a lifetime of pain and sadness is there still. Deep deep inside, dammed up. W8ing 4 the dambusters 2 come.