Katia Repina


I am from Russia, Moscow and since I was a little girl I have been exploring what I really like by studying arts such as theater. I have a BPS in Economics Management at Higher School of Economics. While studying I understood that my passion was greater for advertising and photography. That’s why I decided at the age of 21 to move to Barcelona, Spain and learned spanish. I enrolled into a Master program of Business Communication at Insa. I also finished a course of creativity in Advertising at Complot School.
Through all my studies and personal experiences I have understand that the thing I want to do more in my life is to continue with photography. That is why I studied at Can Baste a course of The practice of theory and technique in photography. I also have a passion for photojournalism that is why I decided to go to Ruido Photo and improve my skills. I am working on a final project and I decide to go to a little village near Moscow where I stayed with little young orphans and tried to capture their daily lives.
I have been part of the exposition IMAGO MUTIS in february and march 2010 which took place in Cadiz, Spain.
Now I am working on a personal foto project about my grandfather’s family who unfortunately are not alive. This took place in Ukraine and Russia.