Matthew Teo

Commercial photographer

Upon graduation from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2007, Matthew garnered his first award from Hasselblad, and was one of the youngest photographers selected to represent Singapore for the Month of Photography in the same year.

His ability to capture thought-provoking images with visual impact soon landed him a position as junior photographer at Calibre Pictures. His experience among the bright lights cemented his love for photography and set him on the course to develop his own original style.

Matthew has a sharp ability to view subjects from unique and refreshing perspectives. His style integrates quirky elements and innovative concepts with fashion. He is greatly inspired by individuals with a lust for life and his own personal experience, devoting most of his personal work to capturing the human condition.

Such intriguing style and amiable character has led him to recent contributions in editorials such as Surface New York, Designare Homme, as well as commercial advertisements for Armani and Absolut Vodka.