Mattia Baldi

Director, Photographer

Mattia Baldi is an Italian visual artist, Painter and Sculptor (Academy of Fine Art, Rome) Photographer (S.R.F. Rome.).Since 2007 Beijing resident. He’s focus is primary on the visual culture of he’s 80’s generation and the connection between that and the oriental ancient culture and myths.  Is also a Taoist and HuleiTaijiquan scholar.

Studiostruttura is a visual research centre create for commercial and not-commercial photographic and video projects. Born between Rome and Beijing from Mattia Baldi and Roberta Pero is grown into being a full service Photography agency. Following the evolution of the net we’ve created different, groundbreaking and challenging photography solutions. And we still do. To be curious and visionary is in our nature. That’s why efficient, experience-based artist communication is our trademark.